What is the Action Mat Football Game Like?

Remember the old table top and electric football games?  Why were they so popular? Because the world loves football! As one of America’s favorite pastimes, the game of football delivers a thrilling experience to people of all ages. It is a game full of fierce competition, high impact collisions, amazing plays, speed, fumbles, and large, passionate crowds.

Action-Mat Football is the ultimate man’s game, and it fits perfectly in any “man cave.” The field is 30” x 65”, and its appearance and operation is like that of a real football game. From running and passing plays to punts and field goals, this game handles it all. The sliding football catches helmets which drag the football for additional yardage! It is the perfect football board game for up to six players.

Who Loves Action Mat Football

Anyone who loves football will love our football game. It has turned those non-football enthusiasts into lovers of the game. The instructions are easy to follow, and within minutes the game can be set up and ready to go. So, order now….we ship anywhere in the world! 


How Long Does the Game Last?

For a regular game a quarter lasts 25 plays; a game lasts 100 plays.  If played at a normal pace a game roughly takes 2 to 3 hours of relentless fun. The play does not count for extra points and kickoffs.

How Do You Keep Time?

For short games we recommend playing 25 plays a half.


Can the punting team remove the offensive line card when attempting a punt?

Yes. In fact it is mandatory that the punting team remove the OL card before punting.

What if a punt goes into the end zone?

The ball is brought out to the 20 yard line, from where the receiving team starts its offensive drive. Or you may opt to return the punt by rolling 3 dice.

From where do you kick extra points?

The ten yard line.

How do you block a kick?

By rolling doubles 6’s to block a punt. If you attempt to block a punt you cannot return it.

How do you kick a field goal?

Tee ball up and kick (hit) with your finger (see Kicking Tips).  You must reach the 50 yard line to attempt a field goal.  The ball is placed down 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage.

What if you roll two ones (snakeyes) when trying an onside kick?

A fumble occurs and both teams roll one die each  and the high roll recovers the fumble.

How does an onside kick work?

Kicking team places the ball at the 50 yd line and rolls two dice. You must roll boxcars, (two sixes) to recover the onside kick. 


How many plays does the offense get?

The offense has four plays (downs) to gain a minimum of 10 yards.  If it gains at least ten yards, then it is awarded four more downs and retains possession of the ball.  If it fails to gain at least ten yards, then the opposing team is awarded possession and four downs.

What if the receiver catches the ball and the force of the pass moves the receiver down field?

Possession is taken from the point where the receiver comes to rest.  Offense then rolls three dice and adds yardage from that point.

If I wish to throw a pass from the pocket, can I move my offensive line card out of the way?

Yes, the ball must be placed from the chosen spot to attempt a pass.

Can Defensive backs be moved towards the line of scrimmage to stop a run?

No, defensive players are placed in anticipation of where run and pass plays end up finishing.

What happens if a receiver finds a defensive back occupying the spot he should be in?

He must be placed under the defensive player.

What rules must a receiver follow when called to run a route to the end zone?

He must stay on line to his lane and must be totally within the boundaries of the end zone and goal line.

What happens if a tie occurs and one player is in bounds and the other is out of bounds?

Possession goes to the in bounds player.

What is the rule for an out of bounds catch?

The ball can be totally out of bounds but the receiver must at least be partially in bounds for it to be ruled a completed pass.

What happens if a tie for the ball occurs (ex: a pass comes to rest on helmets from each team)?

The pass is considered broken up, no matter how many players are involved.

Can the defense place its player disc on top of each other when setting up?

No the defensive disc players cannot be stacked in any way so as to effect play.

Can blitzers and sackers tackle runners who are on the running lane next to the sackers position?

No, because the sackers and blitzers sole concern is the quarterback and the runner therefore is free to roll 3 dice if his running lane is uncovered.

How do players set up?

With their crowns (top of helmets) facing each other.  Offense Facing Defense. One player who is the exception to this rule is the designated sacker and in case of blitzers.


An extra point after touchdown is one point.

A field goal is three points.

How many points are awarded in scoring?

A touchdown is 6 points.


If a pass lands on a defensive player, is that an interception?

Yes, providing the ball is touching only the defensive player!

Note:  To advance a turnover, the defense rolls all 3 dice…triples are touchdowns.

How do you recover a fumble?

Each team rolls one die…high roll recovers the fumble.

How does a fumble happen?

Anytime you roll the dice and roll “snake eyes” one’s, it is a fumble!


"WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small Parts.  Not for children under 3 years"